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FFD: Which gaming apocalypse is most likely?

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People love to stand on their soapboxes and get us to prepare for the end of days. It’s been a human tradition for centuries, and now made its way into our entertainment. There are so many games built upon the premise that the world has somehow ended as we know it, but how it happened and what it means for the rest of us, can vary radically. But which ones are the most believable?

With the imminent launch of Fallout 4, many of you are probably thinking of that version of the end of the world. Nuclear fallout following a ton of wars that never change, it’s no wonder vault dwellers are the way they are. You know, mutually assured nuclear destruction might have been a possibility back in the day, but I just don’t believe it as much as I do some other gaming apocalypses.

The Division grabbed me even before I saw a second of gameplay. Why? Because of its apocalyptic premise. Black Friday is a day of mass consumerism, but when the money is contaminated with a disease, it spreads like wild fire and kills off a ton of people. Maybe it just plays into my OCD germaphobia about cash, but that makes complete sense to me.

Other disease-based apocalypses include the fungal issues of The Last of Us, which is based on a real fungus that makes me want to curl up and die right now. Or maybe you’re more prone to the Russian subway survival following radioactive fallout ala Metro. Or maybe, you believe Mass Effect is our future with Dragon Age as the post-apocalyptic version of our universe. No? Just me, then?

Games thrive on presenting us with the end of the world and what we must do to survive. So which do you think is most realistic – the climate change warnings in the wastelands of Mad Max, the gray world of every shooter, or is it all about washing your hands and keeping the germs at bay to prevent the end of times? And if the world was to suffer such calamity – would you survive?

Last Updated: November 6, 2015

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