Final Fantasy XIV is a bit hit, there is no doubt about it. There’s a reason their servers are flooded and people are getting disgruntled about not being able to get into the game – it’s a success. Well, now there is a companion app!

Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea

lets players get quest data, find shops and enemy drops. As explained on the iTunes page:

Game Database (Available Offline)
The database includes items, quests, quest NPCs, shops, and enemies, just to name a few categories. Players can look up detailed information on item locations, enemy drops, quest rewards, and more.

Character Profiles (Only Available for FFXIV Players)
Players can view basic information on their characters. In addition, friend lists, linkshell member lists, and free company member lists will also be available. When browsing any of these lists, you can examine the details of each character, including the gear they are equipped with. Selecting a piece of gear takes you to its entry in the application’s database, where you can learn how it can be obtained.

Definitely nice to have something like this – I like that it can help let you know where items are dropped or where to get specific gear. That said, apps like this always make me wonder if I’m crossing the line with cheating. Sure, it’s convenient to know where to go for quests, or what drops to expect from enemies, but isn’t that discovery part of the game play experience? Would you like to see a similar app for ‘normal’ Final Fantasy games?

Last Updated: September 10, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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