FIFA 08 gets 5v5 online, 11 vs 11 in future!!

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Holy crap batman! EA has just made an announcement of orgasmic proportions (well, to me anyway).

Fifa 08 will allow you to go online with..wait for it…9 other people all playing in one single match. You team up with 4 buddies and play against another team of 5 humans. Each person controls one player with the rest being controlled by the computer.

Bad news is, this feature won’t be available right out the box but this functionality will be added through an online update.

Even better is that EA’s ultimate goal (no pun intended) is to have a 22 man (that’s unbelievable!) online match where each player on the field is controlled by a human player. The head honcho of Fifa 08 has promised that this will be a reality by 2010 in time for out World Cup (can’t wait for it!).

If this is implemented that’ll certainly sway me away from the PES series.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: August 22, 2007

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