Fifa 08 vs PES 2008

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The latest PS3Zine is out and they have a very nice article about the PS3 versions of Fifa and PES.

PES just manages to squeak it in the end but there is quite a bit of rumbling about how it is not moving forwards quick enough and is starting to live up to it’s Evolution moniker.

FIFA still wins the graphics side hands down and is very close in the game play ability as well….

If you are a rabid fan of either series this is one edition that you cannot miss out on. 

Oh it also includes articles on “The Darkness”, “COD 4”, “Ninja Gaiden Sigma” and “Tomb Raider”….

Link to GamerZines: Free Video Games Magazines – Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PC PSP DS – GamerZines

Last Updated: June 22, 2007

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