Fifa 09 Clubs Gives 10v10 Depth

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About a week ago I wrote about FIFA 09 supporting 10v10 online, it has now been revealed that that was just the beginning of a whole new feature in FIFA 09.

It’s called FIFA Clubs and if it turns out correctly it could be the next big thing in football games.

Basically what FIFA Clubs will do is it will allow you to create or join user-controlled ‘clubs’ anywhere in the world. Each club can support up to 50 players which means that you will always have enough people in your club to play.

There will be a rankings systems to determine the best virtual club in the world. Each club will be placed in a division with promotion and relegation. The managers of the clubs will also be able scout players from other clubs who they feel will work in their club and then sign them.

If this works like it is supposed to, EA can say that they have officially created an entire virtual football world. It could well be the future of sports games.

source: FIFA soccer blog

Last Updated: September 11, 2008

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