FIFA 14 box art revealed–I see Kramer

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Switched at birth?

The FIFA 14 box art has been revealed and unsurprisingly it is showcasing Messi again.. however I will readily admit that I didn’t recognise him and got him mixed up with Kramer from Seinfeld.. which didn’t make much sense.

But thankfully EA haven’t completely lose their mind and have in fact used the world famous football player on the cover again this year.

Once again he will be joined in the different regions by players uniquely famous to that area, unfortunately I think once again we’ll simply get the English version and won’t get to see someone like Bernard Parker or Eric Mathoho on the cover of our copies of FIFA 14.

For the European copy I’d love to see this one


You have to feel bad for Ronaldo, the second most talented footballer the world has ever seen and he’s in his prime at the same time as the worlds most talented footballer. I mean if he was born 5 years earlier or later he’d also have a ton of Baloon d’Ors as well.

Anyway here are the three copies, start mocking the FIFA milking machine and then go cry in the corner as EA Sports counts their billions.

FIFA 14 Packshot PC FIFA 14 Packshot PS3 FIFA 14 Packshot XBOX

By the look of the covers you are going to want to pick up the PS3 copy as it has more flags… and less Kramer hair.

Last Updated: June 28, 2013

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