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FIFA 14 will be better on next gen consoles

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FIFA 14 is coming to current gen consoles at the end of next month – but it’ll also be coming to those fancy next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. And it might be worth waiting for them, because they’re going to be better games. And not just graphically, either.

Speaking to Eurogamer, EA Sports’ David Rutter said that the next-gen versions will be packing extra oomph – particularly in the AI department.

“We wanted to improve the behaviours of the players and the AI. A lot of that is around physics and decision making and the way they move, and we’ve got roughly four times the processing of decisions,” he said.

“The feature’s called Pro Instincts, and it’s based around the processing power of the new consoles allowing us to have players almost predict the future. The player on the pitch is running along and a tackle comes in ahead of him. Currently two things happen – he either hits the leg or he doesn’t hit the leg. This new generation of consoles we have every nuance of possible collision, and trying to position himself not to collide.”

It will also be shiner, and nicer to look at, because it will apparently contain  “roughly ten times the animation” of the versions for current systems, and will have more realistic crowds. The next generation FIFA games will  make use of that fancy Ignite system…but not on the PC.

So yeah, you might want to wait for the next gen version, though it’s worth pointing out that Xbox One pre-orders (in EU territories, that is) will net a free digital version of FIFA 14.

I had a look at  FIFA 14 running on the Xbox One…and it looks pretty damned good. For a football game.

Last Updated: August 29, 2013

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