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Battlefield Hardline: Cops Vs Criminals

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Battlefield is the franchise that really creates authentic warlike scenarios. If you’ve played any of the entries, you will know that the explosive action really is authentic and will get your heart pumping. This years Battlefield is a little different though, opting for criminals versus cops, as opposed to the typical country versus country set up.

EA show off some Hardline multiplayer action. The gameplay video kicks off with a news report of an armed heist taking place. Fast forward a few seconds and the match kicks off, showing how the criminals are defending their armored vheicle, whilst the cops drive in to engage and stop them. The perspective we are shown is that of the criminals, and it later shows that our player is carrying the loot.

The demonstration switches constantly, bouncing between cop and criminal. A cop player is laying down cover fire from a helicopter while the criminal player escapes in a fast moving vehicle. The gunplay is typically Battlefield, with many bullets flying and explosions taking place. The audio is superb, the graphics are spectacular. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the Frostbite Engine. As the video proceeds, a crane falls into a nearby building, bringing it down and creating an arena that is covered in smoke.

Soon the criminal player is up a building, and climbs into a helicopter, almost certain that he will escape. The helicopter is unfortunately shot down by the cops, forcing the player to parachute down to the street below which results in his capture. Its an interesting change to the typical war scenario, and I think fans will really enjoy this. I’m pretty certain that I would. Want in? The beta is being launched today! Its limited at the moment, and its first come first serve.

Sign up right here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/promo/bfh/


Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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