FIFA 15’s all about agility and control

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Whenever I do manage to catch a bit of the old football, the only agility I see is its players diving across the verdant terrain and crying. While I don’t think FIFA 15 will have much of a diving system, it is putting quite a bit of emphasis on player agility and ball control, with a goal of making this year’s FIFA the most realistic ever. Just like last year’s one. And the one before that.

Here’s a  new video from EA Sports showing off just how much FIFA 15’s “Agility and Control” have improved, with heightened physics and control adding to the game’s fluidity.

Players will now actually be able to counterbalance when moving rapidly, with the real life personality and “footedness”  of top players coming in to play. Lionel Mess, as the example in the video says, will favour his left foot in the game – as he’s predominantly a left-footed player.

There’s also a new bit of physics at play when it comes to ball control, with momentum and spin affecting dribbling, passing and player ball control. Every pass, dribble, shot and deflection moves according to the spin of the ball. That sounds incredible, and actually very nearly makes me wish I cared about football to give the game a spin.

I don’t though. FIFA 15 is coming later this year for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. This year, the PC version will have all of the bells and whistles they missed out on thanks to Ignite being absent from FIFA 14.

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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