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FIFA 16 gets all new features to boost authenticity, and banter

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FUT Draft 16 lets you pick your dream team and banter with friends as you pick your teams and carry over your rewards from one mode to another. But it’s mainly about talking to your friends as you pick your players, debate who are the best players and who will have the best chemistry. It’s strategy, but it’s also just an awesome way to end friendships by screwing over your friend’s draft picks.

Watch the FUT Draft 16 options and gameplay complete with real footballing super stars:

FIFA 16 features a range of new additions, from training and women’s leagues to all new goalie animations and football chants. It’s all to make the game more immersive and authentic. The new season looks absolutely gorgeous and realistic – if you’re a football gaming fan, I can’t imagine a better football game than this. Plus, this trailer has great music, so that makes me happy:

Is this a year to buy FIFA, or is it not on your rotation? Oh, who am I kidding, everyone just gets it every year, don’t they? Either way, these innovations are adding things that players have wanted for many years, plus it’s looking like an incredibly pretty experience. Who can say no to that?

Last Updated: August 5, 2015

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