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FIFA 21 won’t have a free demo this year

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EA’s FIFA series has been the very definition of an iterative experience for years now, and really, that’s fine. Fans know what they like, EA knows exactly where to polish the product and when you’re selling FIFA games by the metric truckload, obviously something is working right. With each new FIFA entry comes a tradition of expectations: In the office that revolves around Gavin threatening to commit actual bodily harm to anyone who besmirches the name of his beloved Liverpool, while globally everyone else is waiting for a pre-match kickoff via a good ol’ FIFA demo.

That’s not happening this year, as EA has announced that FIFA 21 will launch on October 9 without its usual demo. “Instead we’ve made the decision to focus our development team’s time on delivering the best full game experience for current & next-gen consoles, EA said in a tweet.

We look forward to EA PLAY members jumping in 10 days from now and launching the game Oct 9.

It’s likely wholly unnecessary for EA to have a demo ready this year, for multiple reasons: The world is so starved of proper football action, the latest FIFA game will likely shift enough units for EA big cheese Andrew Wilson to install a gold driveway leading up to his spare mansion on the moon. Then there’s the allure of EA Play, which will give fans a 1-hour trial from October 1.

Chances are, if those fans are willing to fork out cash for a week’s headstart in FIFA 21, they’ll be throwing down money for the full game which stars a staggering number of thespians who overact whenever they come into brief contact with anyone from the opposing team. That’s my one joke about sportsball per post, thank you very much.

This year’s virtual football season is shaping up to be an odd one. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer has gone for a seasonal update in 2020, while next-gen plans for FIFA have yet to be revealed. Consensus on FIFA 21 has been stable as well, with most early previews painting a picture of it being entirely alright. Compared to previous years, the latest iteration of the beautiful game happens to contain the most incremental of changes.

Last Updated: September 22, 2020

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