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Final Fantasy VII Remake could see new parts released in smaller chunks to speed up development

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I’m happy to call Final Fantasy VII Remake both a complete game and the first part of something absolutely grand. It’s hard to not feel satisfied after reaching the end credits scene of this year’s big RPG, and not feel like you’ve just gorged on a massive buffet of magic, materia and Sephiroth’s cryptic hints at the future still to come.

And yet, you’re still hungry when all is said and done. You want more, you want another main course and dammit you don’t want to wait too long for seconds either! With the Midgar chapter over, there’s still a whole lot of content left to tackle albeit with brand new plot twists, characters and summons. The foundation is there, the next game will likely be a PlayStation 5 timed exclusive and new tech should make for a smoother and less padded out experience.

So how long will that take exactly? Not too long, by game development standards according to Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase. The producers recently revealed that follow-up slices to the overall Final Fantasy VII pie will be released in smaller chunks, to help speed up development time between future parts. That’s the word from Aitaikimochi, who translated several lines from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania book:

I’m expecting it to be at least two years before we see part two of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but at least there’ll be some interesting territory to explore! In addition to the bombshell revealed at the end, there’ll also be a new world to discover. The Nibelheim flashback has been teased, I’m dying to see a next-gen Chocobo farm and I’m eager as a beaver to see what a PS5 version of Junon looks like.

And now we play the waiting game.

Last Updated: April 28, 2020

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  1. “We’re not drastically changing the story and making it into something completely different than the original”

    Kinda felt like they were..can we talk about that ending please! Loved the game


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