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Where to find every evolution stone in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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It’s time to get stoned! Unlike that summer I spent in the 1960s at Woodstock however, this time I mean that in a positive way. Also, a perfectly legal way at that. Not every Pokémon can be evolved by simple levelling up or trading, as some pocket monsters require an extra evolutionary boost with the use of performance-enhancing stones.

Evolution stones, which can help boost your critters into powerful new forms. Here’s where you can find all of them in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Where to find a Dawn Stone

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One of the coolest Pokemon of all time is Gallade, a wonderful counter to all of that creepy Rule 34 Gardevoir art circulating on the dark underside of the internet. You’ll find that stone after you reach the Ultra Megalopolis, and chat to a kid next to the Pokemon Center on Akala’s Royal Avenue. Once you’ve told the kid plenty of stories, he’ll challenge you to a fight and award you with the Dawn Stone once you defeat him.

Where to find a Dusk Stone

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For a spooky evolution, you can grab the Dusk Stone from the Flea Market at the Malie Community Center, or on the beach of the Poni Wilds.

Where to find a Fire Stone

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Want a kickass Ninetails or a Flareon? Then you can grab the Fire Stone over on Akala Island, in the Diglett’s Tunnel. Or you could just buy one in Konikoni City for a few poke-dollars.

Where to find an Ice Stone

Ice ice baby. Alolan variants of Sandshrew and Vulpix can evolve when exposed to the Ice Stone, reaching their new Alolan Sandslash and Ninetails forms without the need to grind for experience points. You’ll find an Ice Stone in Po Town, or you can buy it from the Stone vendor again Konikoni City.

Where to find a Leaf Stone

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If you’d like a stupidly long-necked Alolan Exeguttor, then a Leaf Stone should be next on your shopping list. If you’re not near the Konikoni City market where you can purchase an Ice Stone, you can also grab it in the Poke Pelago.

Where to find a Moon Stone

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While the Moon Stone is used to evolve plenty of Fairy-Type Pokemon, we all know that it’s best used to gain a Nidoking. A Moon Stone sits around on Route 13, while Ultra Moon players can find an extra one in the Haina Desert.

Where to find an Oval Stone

Only one stone can evolve a Happiny into Chansey, and that’s the Oval Stone. You’ll spot this stone on Akala Island, in the Paniola Ranch near the Pokémon Nursery.

Where to find a Shiny Stone

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Oooooohhhh, shiny! The Shiny Stone is the final ingredient needed to gain a Togekiss or a Roserade, and can be found hidden in the left side of the Ancient Poni Path. Alternatively, you can buy one from the Malie City shop.

Where to find a Sun Stone

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The Sun Stone rests on Blush Mountain, while Ultra Sun players can find an additional stone over in the Haina desert. Basards. I hope you never find a female Salandit when you want to complete your Pokedex.

Where to find a Thunder Stone

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Thunder, lalalalala! Thunder! To make your Pikachu a tad bit more powerful as a Raichu, you can grab a Thunder Stone in Konikoni City for 3000 of your finest Poke-dollars, or over on Route 9 from the old man who’ll hand it over.

Where to find a Water Stone

Poke stones (2) (2)

While Vaporeon may be last on anyone’s list of Eevee gotta-haves, you’re still going to need one to complete your Pokedex. Once again, Konikoni City has the stone for sale, which can also be found in the waters of Route 8 if you go for a surf.

Last Updated: November 21, 2017

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