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Find all your missing Pokémon with PokéMapper

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You know what’s worse than catching a Zubat? Going out of your way to do a very, very long walk, only to find more Zubats. Seriously, those goddam flying critters are so common, you’d swear that nothing else existed in the world of Pokémon GO!

Except, that’s not true at all. There are dozens of other Pokémon out there. Finding them all just requires a lot of exploration, patience, and outright luck. You know what would sure be helpful though in ensuring I don’t spend a lifetime hunting them down? A map.

And thankfully, a map does exist, or rather, a tool that gives some sort of indication as to which Pokémon can sometimes spawn where. It’s called PokéMapper (via VG247), and it’s filled with vital, user submitted locations of where you can catch them all.

Unfortunately, South Africa is looking rather… empty at the moment. Won’t you all do me a favour, and drop some dots showing where you’ve found your rarest Pokémon? I’ve already put some down myself. If you look closely at Bedford Centre for example, you’ll see that that’s where I caught a Jigglypuff one fine evening. You can also see that just a couple of roads away from that, during the day, I nabbed an Aerodactyl.

PokéMapper Jiggly

Gavin too, has put down some locations on his side of Johannesburg. Why, just today for example, he marked down that he caught a… Zubat? GODDAMMIT GAV, EVERYBODY HAS ONE OF THOSE ALREADY!


The problem with such a tool unfortunately, seeing as it allows user input (and not much in the way of cross-checking as far as I can tell), is that it has much room for trolling and the creation of inaccurate information (that, and certain Pokémon spawns and locations are level dependent). Hang on, is that a Dragonite out in the middle of the ocean? Holy smoke… I gotta get there ASAP!


All I’m saying is, be nice. If you do plan on plotting down locations, try make it as accurate as possible, and try resist the urge to label rare Pokémon in places you know they don’t spawn.

P.S. if the site doesn’t load properly for you, try clearing out your cookies. That fixed the problem for me!

Last Updated: July 14, 2016

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