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First FIFA 12 screenshot and cover art

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It’s become a bit of an inside joke here at Lazygamer that I’m only ever really excited about games as long as I can either shoot someone or it has a ball in it.

I’m just putting this down to Nick and Geoff being jealous since they can’t play sports titles but then again when I get excited about seeing a dodgy screenshot of the new FIFA 12 game then maybe they have a point.

However if you have the same issue and just can’t get enough FIFA knowledge then behold the really dodgy screenshot for yourself.

Yeah not much to see is there? but don’t despair as we have the FIFA 12 cover to show you as well.


[Update : This looks to be a render, and not the official final cover. As such, we’ve tagged it as a rumour]

Source: Videogameszone

Last Updated: May 20, 2011

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