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First Halo 4 images show off a leaner, meaner Master Chief

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Bungie may have passed the torch over to 343 Studios for the next trilogy of Halo games, but it looks like a successor for the popular and legendary Microsoft franchise was well chosen indeed.

343 Studios have been hard at work for the next tale of Master Chief, much to the delight of fans everywhere, but they’ve kept the majority of their work under a tight lock and key so far, only releasing a few tantalising images every now and again.

So get ready to froth at the mouth with these all new images.

Halo 4 is currently being designed as the start of a new trilogy, and a new jumping on point for players. 343 Studios claim that they’ve pushed the Xbox console to it’s breaking points, and that the platform is running out of horsepower for their particular game.

“We’re out of space, we’re out of horsepower, we’re out of everything,” 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor told OXM at the Microsoft Spring Showcase event in San Francisco. “If you’re doing your best work that machine should be exhausted when you’re done, and we’re getting there.”

I think the clever thing to do is make your trade-offs early and then go over what you intend to do, and that’s where we are now.


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Looks like quite a few horses were burned out for this game, as the images released so far, 343 claims are untouched in-game screenshots, and not in-game cinematics as was previously believed.

Halo 4 launches at the end of this year.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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