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First Halo Kinect details revealed

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The Kinect is a fantastic device with tons of potential, except it has one glaring flaw. No one actually wants to be seen using it, flailing their arms around. It’s embarrassing, and also the reason why I pay Geoff a monthly bribe not to release that footage of me playing Fruit Ninja onto YouTube.

Still, the device is going to be here for quite a while, and if this years E3 was any indication, Microsoft is desperate to begin pushing the hands-free device down our throat, whether we want it or not. We’ve already experienced some of the new Kinect integration first hand with Forza 4 and its Autovista feature, but the next big game to feature some of that touted gesture-basing? The upcoming Halo Anniversary.

Here’s what gamers can expect to get when they wiggle their arms about.

343 Studio spoke to IGN about how voice commands will help in combat, reloading and using grenades, while certain gestures will be used for accessing an item database. In addition, players can expect the following for Halo Anniversary:

Voice Commands – Using your voice and specific phrases, you’ll be able to reload your weapon, throw grenades, and switch the graphics between classic and remastered, although 343 Studio is promising us even more in the future.

Analyze Mode – You’ll be able to scan and add items and files to a library of information. Items such as vehicles, enemies, supporting characters and weapons will be available to pick up and scan, and is all prompted by the voice command of “scan”.

The Library – As mentioned above, all items will go to the in-game library, where they can be examined using the Kinect at your leisure.

So, while we won’t be jumping behind our couches to avoid enemy fire just yet, expect some degree of altered gameplay if you’re planning on going the Kinect route for Halo Anniversary.

It feels like more than a quick cash-in feature so far, so hopefully, by the time Halo 4 rolls around, we’ll see even more depth being added to what could possibly be a radical new way to play Halo. RELOAD!

Last Updated: October 17, 2011

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