First XNA title set to hit the Arcade

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So is Microsoft’s attempt at bringing console game development to the masses starting to take off?

Schizoid will be the first game ever to made commercially available that has been created solely through the XNA development platform.

The basic idea behind the game is that you control 2 space ships, an orange one and a blue one… you are then bombarded by Orange and Blue objects.. To survive you smash your blue space ship into the blue objects and the orange one into the orange objects. There is no shooting involved…

It sounds like it could either be idiotically addictive or just plain stupid, either way I am buying this just to show support to the smaller developers.

I have been looking at taking a shot at creating an arcade game myself and I know quite a few developers and graphic designers visit this site, so if any of you are interested in setting up a team please drop me a line…. [email protected]

Schizoid Hands-On First Look – Xbox 360 News at GameSpot

Last Updated: December 3, 2007

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