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Five great games that would be at home on the iPad

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My girlfriend is just like my iPad. I don't have an iPad.

I love my iPad, there’s no denying that. Sure, I’m all for the big guns in gaming, console and PC, and playing online with friends is a joy, but when I feel like something a little more casual, or don’t want to shift my lazy gluteus maximus out of bed, the tablet device and it’s ten inch screen is just marvellous.

Games such as Kingdom Rush, Jetpack Joyride and the recently discovered Battleheart (Thanks Domzor), make for some fantastic entertainment. But there also games out there, that I would positively go giddy for, where they repackaged and released on the device.

Here’s a look at five such games, which will most likely never be available on the iPad. Still, one can dream.

1. Pokémon

I know, I’m a grown man and I’m still avidly collecting all those darn Pokémon’s, only to have to start again from square one when the a new game is released. It’s a vicious cycle. Still, the idea of catching the little buggers, while pitting them in vicious cock fights until they “faint”, with friends over a stable wi-fi connection, albeit on a larger screen, is just too tempting to pass up.

Pokémon developer Gamefreak is notorious for only evolving the franchise slightly with each new release, but just imagine, if they could take the formula from the best games, and slap some lavish visuals on it for the new iPad and that fancy HD retina display that it sports.

I’d try and catch ‘em all. Again and again and again and again…

2. Grim Fandango

I don’t think anyone that has played this game, has had anything nasty to say about it. A charming look at the world of the dead, told through the eye sockets of Manuel Calavera, it’s a game that many consider to be the Casablanca of point and click adventure games.

And with that film noir influence, it was a high point for developer Tim Schafer, and yet another example of genius work underperforming in the markets. Still, with the iPad being home to several adventure games that were clearly influenced by Grim Fandango, a polished and reinvigorated release of the classic LucasArts cult hit could be just what the iTunes store needs to make even more money.

3. Diablo 3

As much as we enjoy poking at Diablo for it’s immense clicking-based gameplay, we do happen to be fans of the legendary franchise. And to be honest, we’d happily trade in clicking for tapping if a portable version of sanctuary were to make itself known.

The iPad has more than enough muscle underneath it’s hood to pull it off as well, and the potential to tap out with my finger out, all across the hellish wastes of Sanctuary, sounds like a fantastic idea.

The interface is perfect for this kind of game as well, as opposed to the rather clunky gameplay from more ambitious iPad titles such as GTA3 and Max Payne. Dammit Blizzard, I hope you’ve got your console development team working on this idea as well, right now.

4. The Incredible Machine

I love Rube Goldberg devices, and back in the day, The Incredible Machine was the very best simulator of such outrageous contraptions that an MS DOS system could provide. Getting that damn ball in the right spot, or figuring out that mice provide enough kinetic engine to move anything, this was the time-sink game to have back in the day.

Now imagine that solid foundation, but greatly expanded on the iPad. More devices, more puzzles and smoother visuals, with an online leaderboard to see who could Macguyver their way to the top.

Nostalgic, mind-bending action on a tablet device? I’d shove good money into a game developers mouth for that.

5. Kingdom Rush 2

I swear, Kingdom Rush is like a tap-happy version of opium and heroin, all rolled into one. It’s the one game that Geoff, Gavin and myself can agree on, in regards to its awesomeness. We’re still playing it, even though by now, we’ve beaten every single stage a dozen times each, on the hardest difficulty.

And if Kingdom Rush ever gets an endless mode, we’re pretty certain that Lazygamer will never update itself ever again. Dammit, we need a sequel!

Can you think of any great games that you’d spend a paycheck to own on your iPad? Let us know below.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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