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Five Important Decisions to Make if You Want to Create Your Own Online Games

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Deciding to create your own online games is sure to be an exciting prospect.

However, there are various essential decisions to make if you want to ensure your game is successful for the market, such as the following five. 

1. Determining How You Will Make the Game

You could hire developers and designers to assist you in making online games. But if you’re just getting started in the world of game creation, you might like to begin by using free game-making tools. 

For instance, Stencyl enables you to make puzzles or side-scroller games, and you don’t even need to possess any coding skills. 

Game Maker Studio 2 is another great tool. It provides a drag-and-drop system, which means you can develop games faster than you would when coding from scratch. 

Other options include:

  • Unity, which is excellent for creating 3D games.
  • RPG Maker, which has all the tools you need to create role-playing games.
  • Unreal Engine, which is for more advanced builders.

2. Considering What Controls Your Game Will Have

You should consider designing the controls for your online game early on in the development process so that they can evolve along with your game. 

By addressing what kinds of controls you want to implement at an early stage of game development, you will have plenty of time to improve the controls as new features are implemented. 

That will make things much easier compared to adding new elements later on and then having to adjust the control inputs.

3. Working Out When to Develop the Head-Up Display

You should also determine whether to develop a head-up display early on. 

Although many developers leave creating HUDs and menus until the last phases of a project, it usually makes more sense to develop these at the start of the development process. 

After all, HUDs, interfaces, and menus are essential in how players communicate with your game. 

So, consider making a HUD and menu system that is easy to navigate and which provides all necessary information at the start of your project.

4. Bringing in Game Testers

Before you launch your new online games, it’s not only essential that everything functions precisely how it should. It’s also important that people enjoy playing your game. 

Just because you and your development team enjoy playing your creation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that others will have as much fun and get as much satisfaction from your game. 

So, it’s crucial that you bring in game testers early on to ensure you’re developing a winning game.

5. Marketing Your Game

Whether you’re creating a web3 based game or you’re developing another type of online game, you need to ensure you market it well if you want it to become a success story, says Upptic

You can use proven marketing methods like utilizing your social media presence (tips here), placing paid ads online, and partnering with industry websites and influencers, says Later.com

But it will be incredibly beneficial to hire a professional growth services and marketing team that provides strategic consulting and full-stack operational marketing. 

If you don’t have expert knowledge about marketing online video games, it’s particularly recommended that you outsource some of your marketing strategies.

When the launch day for your game comes around, it’s especially important that you have the right marketing strategy in place to make a splash in the market. 

The Takeaway

Creating your own online game can be an exciting and rewarding experience. 

With thoughtful planning and consideration of the various decisions involved, developers can create a unique and entertaining game that is sure to captivate players. 

And with the right combination of design, coding, marketing, and customer service, your game can be a success.

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

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