Flamebait Friday Debate – Buying Second Hand Games Makes You A Thief

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That’s right you dirty underhanded sack of dirt. How dare you buy a video game second hand and deprive some poor CEO of his golden 22 inch Limousine rims?

Today’s FFD takes a look at one of the hot topics from this week, second hand game sales. EA implemented the whole $10 system which forces pre-owned buyers to pay to unlock certain features of the game, and now some other companies are thinking of doing it too.

Excuse me EA Games, yes YOU. Are you going to be horribly upset when all of those gamers out there sell off a ton of their games off to get the money to buy your new FIFA 11 title? Are you going to make a public announcement to tell everyone that it saddens you that the game had such great opening week sales due to the almost criminal tactic of trading in their games to afford your new 2011 “update”.

Should publishers and developers have a right to be against second hand sales, only because the product never changes, never gets older or worn out? What about using quality and features to keep people from selling off your games?

Today we want to hear everything you have to say about second hand sales. Is it damaging the industry, is it really as bad as piracy as far as publishers are concerned, or is it your right to do whatever the hell you want?

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Last Updated: August 27, 2010

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