Flamebait Friday Debate: Can we all just agree that Xbox Live is better now?

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Which is better, Xbox Live or Playstation Network? This one’s a classic but thanks to recent events, it just became relevant once more.

PSN fans argue that it’s more than sufficient for a free service and XBL fans will tell you that they are more than happy to pay for the service thanks to party chats, uniform online systems that make life easier as well as demos for all XBLA games etc.

It’s always been a good fight, because both sides have had great points, but then that thing with PSN happened last week , which shockingly led to this and ultimately this. Is this an eye-opener? Did Sony drop the ball on PSN on a whole new level, is Xbox LIVE just as vulnerable even with its closed nature?

It’s Friday, Friday… gotta get flamed on Friday (thanks Rebecca Black) – so the gloves are off, let’s hear what you all really think – this is the one place it’s allowed. Let’s have it.

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

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