Flamebait Friday Debate: Is the Xbox 360 becoming redundant?

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This week’s FFD focuses on our old friend, the Xbox 360.

We have seen countless amounts of fanboys on the net claiming that the Xbox 360 is becoming redundant, and we usually shrug it off as the usual trolling you would see on any given day, but do they actually have a point this time around?

Sure, the opposition have their own issues, but today we look at the problems with the Xbox 360 itself.

One of the biggest stories of the week is that the Xbox 360 just lost its console exclusive of Mass Effect 2, which in my mind is one of the greatest games to grace this generation of gaming. Heck, I liked it so much I gave it my first, and only ever perfect score.

When it comes to a gamer wanting to purchase a new gaming system, is there any good reason for him to want to pick up an Xbox 360 instead of a PC or that other HD gaming console? The console competition’s (free) online network is getting better with every update and also happens to pack a Blu-ray player (which if you haven’t noticed, is becoming a pretty popular format).

Kinect is only looking appealing to families and casuals for the most part, the hardcore exclusives are either failing to impress or being lost and then there is the fact that it no longer enjoys being significantly cheaper than the competition.

To put it quite simply: If you didn’t already own any gaming systems, is there really any reason for you to want to spend your hard earned money on an Xbox 360 instead of the competition if you could only afford one?

In trouble? Still worth it? Tell us what you think.

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

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