Flamebait Friday Debate – Sequels: Too Similar, Too Different – Pick One Already

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Hey you, gamer… you are a big whiny baby who doesn’t know what he wants but feels the need to blame the first thing that comes by. Yes, you!

What’s up with gamers these days. Sure, we have always been a vocal bunch but we need to start asking ourselves what the hell it is that we actually want. If a game stays the same as its prequel we all moan that its nothing but a cheap rehash. Make any changes to the game and then everyone complains that the developers have taken away the games original personality or blah, blah, blah – we really do just moan a lot.

Killzone 2 controls feel heavy and laggy, Killzone 3 controls have changed too much and now feel like COD. COD sucks because it’s the same as last year’s COD… In the same breath we will complain that one thing hasn’t changed, and that something else has.

Make your mind up dammit. Which is it?

Last Updated: February 11, 2011

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