Flamebait Friday Debate: Should we still be using sex to sell?

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So Nick’s off on a secret assignment which leaves me to handle the FFD for this week which got me thinking on what topic should we go for this week.

Actually all I was thinking about was how to tie flamebait and semi naked women together so that I can have a decent excuse for the header image, but in reality this raises a very serious question.

Should we in 2010 stil be using sex to sell things, we use sexy header images all the time mainly because the staff are all red blooded males and can’t help ourselves and on the other hand they have generally always received a great response from you the readers, who are predominately male. But at the same time we could be accused of objectifying women and belittling the gender gains that have been made over the last 100 years.

You only have to listen to the number of complaints about Taylor Lautner constantly taking his shirt off to realise that it’s not only feminists who have a problem with a body being objectified, men are starting to dislike it the more it occurs around them as well.

I personally believe I have no right to complain about Mr Lautner taking his shirt off if that is what he wants nor do I have any problems with people using sex to sell.

Am I just an aging relic or is this still the popular opinion?

Last Updated: September 17, 2010

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