Flamebait Friday Debate: The Worst / Best Video Game Movie You've Ever Seen

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Today the Lazygamer crew decided that we are tired of saying ‘movies based on video games’ so instead, we have decided that we need to coin a new term for them. Now instead of just doing the expected and referring to them as ‘crap movies’, we thought of making up a new words like ‘Vilm’ or something. Any better ideas?

So then, now that we have that in place. What’s the worst or best adaption that you’ve ever seen? We have had some shockers in our day (a staff debate instantly broke out) and then we have had a couple which weren’t all that bad, although not everyone will agree.

So tell us… what’s the worst or best vilm/goovie/cintendo that you’ve ever seen? Geoff reckons that Super Mario Bros is still unbeatable. You’ve seen something worse though right?

Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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