Flamebait Friday Debate: Which Horror game scared you the most?

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Seeing as how its Friday the 13th, we thought we’d get into the spirit of things, and after terrorising several promiscous summer camp councillors, we started reflecting on the horror games that were responsible for numerous trips to the laundry.

So, tell us, what spooktacular game memories remained buried deep below in your subconscious? Was it more recent titles such as Dead Space, or classic fright night games such as Phantasmagoria?

Thrill us with those memories and let everyone know which exact game it was that tormented your gaming childhood.


Last Updated: January 13, 2012

Darryn Bonthuys

Word-slinger at Critical Hit. Inventor of the macho Swiss gym chocolate known as Testoblerone. That's...that's about it really.

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