Flipping Skirts iPhone App… how does this get on the iStore and the Wikileaks app get taken down?

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I’m part of the crowd that doesn’t like Wikileaks, the entire thing annoys me quite a bit and the fact that Asange is so happy ruining diplomatic relations between countries while hiding from prosecution in the UK just gets under my skin.

However with that being said I was quite taken a back when the Wikileaks app was taken off the iStore and crap like this Flipping Skirts game is still allowed on.

Basically in Flipping Skirts you need to flip girls skirts up to win points, something which is illegal in pretty much all countries which is the reason the Wikileaks app was removed.

Personally I believe anything that isn’t in the band of massively offensive and that causes harm to innocents (paedophilia, bestiality etc) should be allowed and then people can simply practice self censorship if you don’t like it.. like I do with Wikileaks and how my family does with my incoherent religious ramblings.

If you’re still here and interested in the Flipping Skirts app then here’s a trailer for you.

Last Updated: December 23, 2010

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