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Fortnite is celebrating its biggest streamers with the Icon Series of skins

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Love it or hate it, but don’t ever deny Fortnite: Battle Royale and the impact that it has had on making video games more mainstream than ever. It’s not just a game either, it’s a way of life! Fortnite currently exists as a franchise spread across merchandise of all walks of life. T-shirts, action figures and even NERF guns help spread the brand across the world, with more stuff on the way according to Epic Games.

The company is looking to leverage the brand further than ever in the years to come with the launch of the Fortnite Icon Series that’ll take the worlds of fashion, music and film and then mash them all together. Which is all well and good for when your dad tries to be hip and starts doing the Floss dance (DAD NO STOP), but what does this mean for the average Fortnite player?

It means my quick-building chum, that you’ll soon be seeing new skins in the game. The first of these cosmetic drops will honour the biggest face in the game, Ninja. The world’s most popular streamer will be getting immortalised within Fortnite but only for a scant few days and for a large sum of V-Bucks that unlocks four variant styles on the skin and a whole bunch of other cosmetic bling.

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Ninja will be available as a skin from January 16 until January 19, with Epic promising Icon Series collaborations with DJ Marshmello and Major Lazer. I’m hip enough to know about Major Lazer at least, a musical act that I was amazed to discover are more than just a kickass cartoon. Epic is also promising collaborations with “Loserfruit, TheGrefg and more creators from games, music and entertainment,” and I’m already feeling so out of touch with the mainstream that I feel like I need to go outside and yell at some clouds.

There’ll be more skins in the future no doubt, as Epic looks to cement the Icon Series as their go-to hub for the Fortnite brand and anything related to it.

Last Updated: January 16, 2020

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