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Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch, and it’s out today

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Fornite coming to nintendo switch

E3 is all about badly kept secrets, and fewer are as badly kept as Epic Games’ massive Battle Royale shooter Fortnite coming to the Nintendo Switch. And during the console’s E3 Direct this monring, Nintendo did just that. Fornite and its party bus is out on Nintendo Switch today. Yes, today.

It’s going up as a free download in just an hour, so you’ll be able to drop on the iconic island and battle with friends across a bunch of platforms. Which platforms? Nintendo wasn’t specific, but Epic has been all about that cross-play, so wait for word on just what that might mean here.

Last Updated: June 12, 2018

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  1. Unless of course you played it on PS4 before, even only once, you’re account on Switch will be blocked….???


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