Free Xbox Live Gold this weekend, with Xbox Nations – with a world record attempt to boot

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This coming weekend is not only Easter, the weekend we set aside each year to celebrate the summoning of the Easter bunny and to stuff our faces with chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns; it’s also a weekend of free Xbox Live Gold, for the entire extended weekend.

It’s a bit of a special one though, because not only will those of you in the cheap seats get a whole weekend of Gold, glorious gold; you’ll also be able to help set a Guinness world record – provided you have Kinect and Kinect sports.

All you have to do to participate is log in to Xbox Live on Saturday the 23rd and download the Xbox Nations gamerpic to log your participation.
Then, boot up Kinect Sports and enter the 100m mini game and take it online at the designated 6pm UK time.

This is where it gets a little confusing. All the local guys are saying it’s set for 8pm. Normally, we’re 2 hours ahead of the UK, with our GMT+2 designation. At the moment though, the UK is operating on the daylight saving British Summer Time which is GMT+1. That would mean the event, according to Xbox UK is at 7pm and not the 8pm we’ve all been told. We’ve asked Microsoft for a little clarification on the matter, as it would be a terrible thing for us to miss out on being part of a world record just because a silly time-zone miscalculation.

[Edit] I’ve confirmed with Rare that The Guinness World Record attempt will take place at:
• 6pm UK Saturday 23/04
• 7pm CET Saturday 23/04
• 10am PDT Saturday 23/04
• 1pm EDT Saturday 23/04

That’s 7pm local – and not 8pm. Lazygamer – saving the world yet again.

I picked up Kinect Sports today, and I’ll be joining the attempt. Will you?

Source : Xbox UK

Last Updated: April 20, 2011

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