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French prisons ban the PlayStation 3… Xbox is okay though

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We keep being told by all these experts that video games enhance violent tendencies and that we as parents should be careful about what games our kids play. Now if any of this is true at all wouldn’t it make absolutely no sense at all to allow prisoners to play video games in prison?

But apparently in France prisoners are allowed to play video games on their current gen systems. As long as that system isn’t a PlayStation 3.

According to one prisoner in France he used to be allowed to play on his PlayStation 3 but then after being transferred to a new prison the big meanie guards stated he could no longer have it due to the built in WiFi. However he was allowed an original Xbox as that didn’t have the built in WiFi… but the prisoner wasn’t happy with that and went crying to the courts to make the mean guards give his toy back.

Thankfully someone in the French judicial system had taken time off from waving the white flag and had enough sense to refuse the man’s claim and send him back to prison. He then appealed that ruling and was sent packing again. Unbelievably he still has one more appeal available and with him having nothing better to do other than wasting tax payers money you just know he’s going to hit the courts again.

The whole thing is ridiculous and depressing, but hey welcome to the world we live in.

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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