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French thieves make off with over 6 000 copies of Modern Warfare 3

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It used to be that bandits and robbers would raid banks and plot elaborate heists around priceless jewellery and antique items, but not any more. It seems that thieves have finally wised up, and realized that those video games that all the youngsters are playing, might actually be worth something.

On Saturday, a truck with a metric crap-ton of Modern Warfare 3 games was attacked in Creteil in Southern Paris, with the bandits reportedly stealing over 6 000 copies of the much anticipated game.

Perpetrated by an allegedly professional criminal gang, as reported by France-Info the group, rammed the truck containing copies of MW3, tear-gassed the driver and took off in the truck, which had an apparent value of over €400 000, or over R4 million by current exchange rates.

Rest assured, that while a majority of Parisian COD fans are fuming that they will be unable to take part in the day one launch festivities, we’re still going to be running around digital maps and blasting our friends, while hurling insults at each other, as most local shops should have their MW3 stock by now, in time for tomorrows launch.

Last Updated: November 7, 2011

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