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Friday Debate: What was your favourite gaming console launch?

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The next generation of console gaming officially kicks off next week…and there’s not exactly a lot of hype is there? It’s understandable why though. The consoles are great by the launch line-up is relatively week in comparison, relying on current-gen games to draw new audiences in to the likes of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. At the same time, holy crap there’s a pandemic raging and if people could have avoided turning the wearing of masks into a political statement then we’d likely be on the road to recovery right now. But here we are.

Anyway, next week won’t see hardcore fans camping outside of their local game shops to get their hands on a new console. There’s no massive launch party planned, midnight gatherings are a no-go, and you’ll be waiting for the courier to rock up instead. Or you’ll be sending angry tweets to Takealot lol. We’ve had some glorious moments in the transition between consoles though, and nothing beats that excitement of waiting in a line and geeking out with some random people you just met five minutes ago.

This time six years ago? I was standing in a decently long line at CNA, ready to pick up my PS4 console. I’d done a down-payment, I put the rest on my Edgars club card which had a six-month interest free repayment option (YOU SHALL BE MISSED) and my name was on a list. PS4’s were being handed out from the counter, cards were being swiped and everyone had a massive grin on their face. I’ll never forget that days, because the excitement and pure joy had pretty much permeated the air around me.

I wasn’t around for the previous console launches, but I do remember some solid hype around them. You couldn’t go ten steps without spotting an Xbox 360 stand at a shopping mall, while the PlayStation 2 was a purchase reserved for only the most bastard of children with rich parents back then. How about you though? Any good console launch memories that you’d like to share? Where were you when your favourite gaming device launched?

And did it involve going down to the Kyalami race track to grab one of those machines? Gavin did. He got to see vroom vroom. Lucky bastard. Anyway, sound off below.

Last Updated: November 6, 2020

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