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Friday Debate – Which games have the best and most toxic fan communities?

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I’ve played DOTA 2 once in my life, and that was enough for me to not only swear to never step foot into that game ever again, but to avoid the entire genre so long as I lived. It all started out on one hot summer night, as I picked the coolest-looking character, dropped into a game and then proceeded to have people from all walks of life verbally abuse me for a straight hour, chastising me for daring to not be good at a game that I’d only just discovered.

On the other side of the player interaction coin, fighting game communities have been terrific! Sure there’s trash talking to be had, but it’s never personal and it’s usually the kind of banter that helps build an online friendship along the way. There’s something about the purity of one on one combat, that makes the scene so great.

I’m not naive enough to say that any one game has angels loitering around its servers, ready to lend a helping hand whenever you find yourself lost along the way. Every game has sinners and saints, good Samaritans and jerks. It just seems that some games skew heavily towards a certain type of player, embolden by Schrodinger’s Internet Asshole theory: An individual who exists in a quantum superposition state of relentless awful behaviour and “it was just a joke bro” when observed and called out for said toxicity.

So here’s the question: Which games have you experienced the best and worst of gamer culture inside of? It doesn’t just need to be inside the game chat itself. We’re living in an age where we can set up a forum to chat about these games, dedicate entire Facebook pages to them and get a community going.

So sound off below. Tell us of memorable moments when a prepubescent Call of Duty player enquired into the wellbeing of your mom’s reproductive organs, drop a link below for a Discord group filled with awesome Mortal Kombat 11 fans or maybe punt your own Facebook page for a DOTA group that is hellbent on giving me grief should I ever install that game on my PC again.

Gaming is all about community, so let’s spread the love!

Last Updated: June 5, 2020

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