Future Call of Duty getting digital content from Beachhead

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In the same breathe as the one used to kill off Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk, True Crime – and the hopes and dreams of the respective games’ developers -Activision’s Bobby Kotick revealed the name of a mystery studio that’s been set up to expand one of the mega-publisher’s remaining franchises; Yup, Call of Duty.

Beachhead games is tasked with bringing “innovative new digital platform” and “special services” to the Call of Duty franchise.

Real news on what exactly Beachhead will be doing is dreadfully scant, as what was mentioned is is ridiculously steeped in jargon.

“Beachhead will create the best-in-class online community, exclusive content, and a suite of services to supercharge the online gaming experience like never before. The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time.

“The platform has been in development for over a year and we’re very excited about the increased value we can bring to the community. We look forward to sharing more specifics on this exciting new endeavor with you in the near future.”

If that sounds like a DLC factory, it probably is, coupled with a middle service – much like EA’s – that’ll slot in between the end user and XBL/PSN. Whatever new features get brought to future Call of duty games, you can bet they’re going to cost you money.

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Source : Eurogamer

Last Updated: February 10, 2011

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