Gamasutra Runs Feature On South African Game Developers

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Popular international videogaming website Gamasutra have posted a fantastic 5 page article about South African videogame developers and the games that they have produced over the years, beginning with one that many of you may not even remember, Toxic Bunny.

This is great news for us as it hopefully gets the world to take a bit more notice of us.

What’s even better is that Marc and Danny from our Lazygamer Podcast team (QCF Design) are also included in the article, specifically for their game Spacehack that placed in the top 20 in the Dream Build Play competition.

The article takes you from the beginning to the end of what has happened so far in the South African game developer scene so be a good South African and go read the article and support our dudes.

It is important that South African developers start to get noticed internationally because it can only mean great things for us.

The link to the article is posted below so be sure to give it a good read so that you don’t look all confused and left out when a conversation about South Africa’s gaming history starts up.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: August 4, 2009

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