GameFace is your Android-powered Oculus Rift VR alternative

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Virtually Real Troopers

If there’s one piece of tech that I want to get my two dimensional hands on, it’s the Oculus Rift. The only problem though is that A) I’m too broke too afford a dev kit and B) The security at E3 happened to have tased my attempts to steal one. At least an alternative is on the way.

Meet the GameFace, another virtually real device that was shown off at CES this year in Las Vegas. Now in the Mark 4 stage, the GameFace is supported by an Android VR storefront which already has several games working on it, says Polygon.

Games like Dead Trigger were shown off on the device, which could also support the Dual Shock 3 controller that was connected to the prototype. If it does indeed launch at the end of this year, then the Oculus Rift could face some stiff competition. Engadget took some pictures of the device:


The GameFace ahs the advantage of not having to be connected to a PC to get going, enabling full motion head-tracking gameplay and visuals that’ll give Zoe’s vertigo illness a massive run for its money. Geoff got a chance to eventually try out the Oculus Rift over at Gamescom last year, and while he did admit that the device has a few caveats, he was plenty pleased with what he experienced.

All in all, if a VR war starts, there’ll be one clear winner when the dust settles; Chiropractors and their quack medicine of spine-adjusting, because these devices are starting to become bloody heavy as of late.

Last Updated: January 15, 2014

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