Gameloft are now blatantly.. and I mean blatantly.. ripping off Starcraft 2

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Gameloft are no strangers to claims of plagiarism and over the last while have ripped pretty much every AAA title that you can think of into mobile format.

However in this latest step I do think that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. Their latest title called Starfront: Collision is a 4 player iPhone RTS title which doesn’t only take some cues from Starcraft it pretty much copies the game entirely and changes a few words.

In the official trailer below you will get to see the 3 different factions you can use. These are Terran The Consortium, Zerg The Myriad and Protoss The Wardens.

They are even the same colour in the game.

Once you get passed the blatantly obvious plagiarism though things really start to heat up, notice how the Myriad warp their buildings into place while the Consortium’s buildings expand and then start building. I am sure I have seen that somewhere before.

Also during the attack check the swarm of yellow jets, again a blatant rip from Starcraft 2.

Let’s not even mention that the entire plot of the game is to mine the precious mineral that can only be found on this planet…

Shame on you Gameloft this is really sad to see. How hard would it have been to change the types of races and colours and then just copy the rest. I’m pretty sure Activision are going to be send a swat team of lawyers down to Gamelofts offices today.

Last Updated: February 8, 2011

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