Gameplay Exclusive: Destiny Footage Shown By Sony

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Another anticipated game is that of Destiny, created by the company that bought you Halo. What? No Xbox? This gameplay reveal is exclusive to the Playstation.

The onstage demonstration is being performed by two players. So far the world is looking good, packed with some purdy looking landscape and shiny visuals. The players enter what appears to be a large wall (think Game of Thrones wall, but not made of ice).

The scene soon gets incredibly dark, and a player deploys a mobile light source. This little orb floats ahead, and ignites a whole set of lights within the dark area, alerting enemies to the players presence. Some gunplay is shown, with enemies being dispatched by means of weapons. That is until one of the players deploys an energy ball from his fist, reminding me strongly of the plasmids in Bioshock.

A large boss appears, killing one of the players, but being destroyed by the other. The downed player is revived and there is loot to be found from the boss. A weapon is picked up, giving a quick look at the inventory and weapons system as it is equipped. It is unclear just how the weapons will work, but I can’t help but feel like it takes a page out of Borderlands random weapons system. Nonetheless, new weapons are always awesome, and the appeal of loot will ensure that silly addictive gameplay that we all love and hate at the same time, GRAB ALL THE LOOT?

Upon exiting the wall, a huge battle springs up, being called a public event. Many players join the party and aid in destroying one of the larger bosses, a large tank like vehicle. These developers know how to handle multiplayer, and I can only imagine that this multiplayer has more to it than was shown at this demonstration.

Destiny is pegged for release sometime in 2014.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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