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GamePro is no more, how is this possible?

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While it’s not as big a name down here as it is in America it’s still unbelievable to hear this morning that GamePro will be closing on Monday, yes in 4 days time one of the top gaming magazines and Internet sites will shut forever.

Now to be fair I’m not surprised that certain magazines are finding it tough going in the gaming industry at the moment and the demise of print has been in the news for years now but what does surprise me is the shuttering of their Internet site as well.

GamePro’s twitter account has a current following of 39 729 and as you can see from the graph in the header their traffic wasn’t disgusting.

Granted they were trailing Kotaku and Joystiq, two of their competitors, by some margin but at the same time their traffic was stable and growing slightly.

That squiggle along the bottom is us, hopefully one day when we’re big we can reach GamePro level and not actually need to close down.

All in all it’s a sad day for the gaming industry and we’d like to wish all the former GamePro staff luck in finding new positions, if you feel like contributing to an up and coming site for free and to help shape the gaming media of the future let us know… no? Okay then…

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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