Gamers don’t want innovation

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Gamers will only have themselves to blame next year when EA decides to release half baked remakes of dodgy titles instead of actually innovating and releasing new IP’s.

EA have already come out this year and said that they are going to be missing their sales forecasts and as such are going to be slashing costs by firing people and closing departments.

So who is responsible for this carnage? I personally say you are, the gamers of the world. For years all I have been hearing is how EA is the devil and just profiteer on making the same crappy titles day in and day out without ever adding anything to them, and you know what? you were right.

However 2008 was different, EA through of the shackles and instead decided to be innovative, very very innovative.

We got the ridiculously over the top Army of Two, the action packed Mirror’s Edge, Spore and the terrifying Dead Space.

But what did you as the gamers buy? FIFA ???, Need for Speed ????, Tiger Woods ????. Feel free to replace the placeholders with whatever year you find.

All the new IP’s while not perfect were hugely entertaining and yet they bombed terribly in the charts.

So now I ask you, if you were running a company and the 4 easiest games to make had the greatest sales year on year and the new risky IP’s you created all flopped what would you do next year? EA is a company out to make money and there is nothing wrong with that.

This year they branched out to really treat us gamers and that has to be commended. We kicked them in the face… we only have ourselves to blame if EA decided to scrap all new IP’s and go back to buying out good games and rehashing them year on year.

Hopefully the guys at the top of EA decided to give us a second chance and hopefully we take it next year, I loved Army of Two and while it was over the top and completely ridiculous I am really looking forward to the sequel.

Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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