Gamescom 2010: Risen 2 Official

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Prihana Bytes, the folks behind the  Gothic series are working along side Deep Silver (Stalker: Clear Sky, Risen) on the sequel to their action RPG, Risen. Announced during Gamecom 2010,  Deep Silver officially confirmed that they are co-working with Piranha Bytes to bring Risen 2 to life.

This was taken from the announcement: "While this is no big surprise for most people, it should discard any speculations and rumours about other projects (i.e. Gothic 5) currently developed by Piranha Bytes. The next game will definitely be a successor to Risen."

There aren’t any other details on what to expect, but we will cover them as and when they are announced. I’m sure fans of the first game must be quite excited about this.

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

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