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Gamescom 2013: Hands on with Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One

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Earlier today I posted up my feelings of Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 so it’s logical that I follow that up with my experience of Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One.

Unlike the Battlefield 4 experience however this one didn’t start off with much of a pre-amble. The games were played with Xbox One controllers but the rep didn’t say whether we were playing on an Xbox One or PC.

We were given some time to customise our characters using the new customisation options where we first get to choose a gender and then we could customise things like the head, clothing, kill streaks and the brand new load out options for perks.

The cat finally got his boat

Now instead of picking 3 perks you have a brand new load-out option where you have up to 10 points and you use them to purchase perks from a list of 36. Each perk has a different value and you can therefore end up with 10 low level perks or 2 or 3 high level perks.

The entire list can be seen here

Once we had selected our load outs and characters we jumped into a multiplayer lobby of 8 players and loaded up a game of cranked.

Cranked is a new multiplayer mode where each time you get a kill you become faster and more lethal, however the down side is that if you don’t kill someone in 30 seconds you will blow up. I can’t see the game being taken seriously by the eSports community but for the casual gamers looking for some fun it really is a great experience and once you kill someone and crank up you really do feel the urgency.

The gameplay however was the most exciting change from Black Ops 2. Okay maybe change is a bit of a misnomer as the game is pretty much exactly the same after all. It’s Call of Duty and you run around and kill people so you know what you are getting.

Na na na na na, you can't hit me

But it’s so much smoother and better looking, it honestly felt like I was playing Call of Duty wrapped in a silk nighty with playboy bunnies on my lap. It was an incredible experience and they have taken some queues from Battlefield where you can now vault over low walls and keep on running. They have also added a new action where you can sprint into a sliding dive which is far more logical than the dolphin dive and while it feels awesome sliding in and taking out the enemy it has nothing on potting someone in the head as they slide into the room.

Another surprise for me is that Call of Duty: Ghosts has “levolution” as well but thankfully they aren’t calling it that. In fact they don’t seem to be calling it anything but it exists. There is a lot of verticality in the game and a lot of opportunity to change the level by using standard destruction or through mass explosive events.

Now I can’t quite explain exactly what happened but I was playing Cranked and owning (no seriously I was! The other guys really sucked), and I picked up a special Kill Streak called the MOAB (Mother of all Bombs). Setting it off wiped out the entire map and gave me a ton of kills but it also destroyed pretty much the entire map.

All my old hiding spots were simply gone and the map was now a smoking pile of rubble with brand new choke points and opportunities. Since Call of Duty hasn’t spoken about this much I can only presume it’s not as advanced as the Battlefield version but Call of Duty fans don’t need to worry as they aren’t being left behind.

Unfortunately my time with Ghosts was cut short as the guys I was playing against had to make it to another interview so I didn’t get to see any further maps but, and I know you are going to hate this, I have to say I am going to seriously struggle playing Ghosts on the Xbox 360 as the Xbox One experience was just leagues ahead of what we are used to.

Look at the destruction

Looking back now I honestly cannot say which multiplayer shooter I’m most looking forward to. TitanFall is an excellent new addition and adds some great movement and verticality, Battlefield 4 is a vast improvement over Battlefield 3 and once again movement has been greatly improved and then Call of Duty: Ghosts is a solid improvement on everyone’s favourite franchise.

It actually doesn’t really matter which is your favourite as a shooter fan you are in for a treat in the next generation.

Check out the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal trailer to see some of the things I’ve mentioned in action… and yes it looks this good. Caution Eminem has a filthy mouth in the backing track so headphones are recommended.

Last Updated: August 28, 2013

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