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Gamescom 2013: Microsoft shows love for indies

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Microsoft kicked off their conference today with some focus on the little guys, indie game developers.  Their goal is to make the Xbox One the best platform for indie development.

After meeting with over 50 developers, Microsoft found out what they wanted and created ID@Xbox.  With new rules, each developer will get two development kits for free – the idea is for tools and resources to be fully available to indie developers without any restrictions or fees.  Plus, each retail version will become a dev kit, too!

Developers will also get access to a global support team to maintain communication with developers.  Events are also being planned to explain how the process will work.

A major concern for indie games is discoverability.  With the new Xbox One Store, all games are listed together with “rich search scenarios” to enable easy discoverability.

The presentation had plenty of indie developers quoted as saying nice things about this program.  Sounds pretty cool – let’s wait to see.  At least Microsoft is presenting itself as a leader in the indie game world.  It will be interesting to see if Sony has something similar considering their constant love of indies.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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