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Gamescom 2013: Peggle 2

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Yes, I was horribly addicted to Peggle. The thing is, is that everybody who’s ever really  played Peggle has been addicted to that damn game. Such is the nature of Popcap games, one of the finest purveyors of digital crack in all of video games. So yes, I was a little more excited to shoot little balls at pegs than I rightfully should have been.

Peggle 2, on the surface, seems like it’s really just more Peggle. While that wouldn’t really be such a terrible thing, there have actually been some pretty interesting changes to the game. While the actual formula – shooting balls from the top of the screen to try and clear away coloured pegs- hasn’t changed in the slightest, the while thing’s been refined and tuned to perfection.

The masters – the creatures and characters whose green pegs grant you special abilities – are no longer confined to being faces trapped within the gun; they’re now fully realised characters, brimming with personality, watching your every shot and reacting accordingly.

It’s also, should you choose to play it that way, a little more difficult. One of the new masters, Luna, is the ghoulish girl who governs a far trickier, spookier set of levels that require a little more strategy and skill. Her power makes the regular pegs ethereal, allowing you hit the red ones behind them, un-obscured. Where Peggle 2 really stands out though is in its audio. The music ramps up in intensity based on how close you are to clearing those dastardly pegs and it makes an already exciting and intense casual arcade game even more so.

Some of you are likely shaking your heads in disbelief – or perhaps even disgust – but the rest of you, who’ve shot your last ball in the direction of the last red peg to be blasted in the face by “Ode to Joy” know the rush I’m talking about. So yes, I suppose Peggle 2 is really just more Peggle – but it’s more Peggle with style.

It’s one of those sneaky games that’s announced to be launched exclusively on the Xbox One – which really just means that it’ll be out on other platforms later. And as keen as I am for the game, I really feel it just belongs on a phone or tablet.

Last Updated: August 23, 2013

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