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Gamescom 2017 – World of Warcraft Shadows of Argus comes out next week

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The final major patch and raid for World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion is upon us. After defeating Kil’jaedan in the Tomb of Sargeras, Ilidan Stormrage opened a portal to Argus, the wretched land of the Erodar. Now overrun by the Legion forces, players will journey to the forsaken planet to put an end to the Burning Legion for once and for all.

Patch 7.3, the third and possibly largest update for the current expansion, will send players on a new quest with fresh challenges, quests, a dungeon and eventually a new raid instance. Announced at Gamescom yesterday, Blizzard released one of their usual Survival Guides which detail the adventures in the upcoming patch.

Following recent events in the Broken Isles, a link has been created between Azeroth and Kil’jaeden’s homeworld of Argus, bringing the Burning Legion closer than ever to destroying Azeroth. In order to stop them once and for all, Illidan and Velen are taking the war directly to the surface of Argus, where they hope to join forces with Alleria, Turalyon, and the Army of the Light to launch an all-out assault on the Legion’s primary base of operations.


Alleria Windrunner, Sylvanus’s sister, is a character we haven’t heard much of since the early days of Warcraft. Sylvanus, is now the Chieftan of the Horde and Alleria has arrived to aid the Alliance and Horde in an attempt to finally put a stop to the Burning Legion. The extent of their aid isn’t clear yet, but the forces of the Legion are still invading via “Invasion Points” on Argus.

“Azeroth isn’t the only world connected to this hostile place,” the World of WarCraft patch notes read.

While on Argus, you’ll unlock the ability to enter the very portals the Burning Legion use to transport to other worlds. Once there, complete an event or defeat a boss to earn epic rewards.

There’s also a new dungeon in the zone, the Seat of the Triumverate:

Once the heart of the ancient eredar civilization where Velen, Archimonde, and Kil’jaeden ruled their people, this temple has fallen to ruin. Return with Velen to retrieve an ancient relic of power, and battle the darkness that has overtaken this sacred place, in a new 5-person dungeon among the ruins of Mac’Aree on Argus, featuring four bosses:

  • Zuraal the Ascended
    • Zuraal represents the Shadowguard’s first success at creating a Void-infused Broken whose mind has not fallen into madness. A renowned brawler in his past life, Zuraal uses his newfound dark strength to empower his attacks and decimate his foes.
  • Saprish
    • The ever-tactical Saprish deploys the forces of the Shadowguard with calculated precision. Though a skilled commander and strategist, Saprish relishes taking a direct hand in battle. He turns his foes’ weaknesses against them, leaving his vulnerable adversaries at the mercy of his voracious pets.
  • Viceroy Nezhar
    • Like others of his ilk, Viceroy Nezhar is obsessed with harnessing the power of the Void to serve his own ambitions. Drawn to the Seat of the Triumvirate by the immense darkness emanating from deep within, Nezhar will stop at nothing to claim it for his own. Given the viceroy’s experiments at infusing vessels with the power of shadow, the implications of what he might accomplish on Argus are dire indeed.
  • L’ura
    • When Velen and his followers fled Argus aboard the Genedar, the naaru L’ura stayed behind to buy the draenei time to escape. Kil’jaeden, enraged by this betrayal, ordered the wounded naaru sealed away in the Seat of the Triumvirate. Over the long millennia that passed, L’ura fell from Light to Void. Her elegant song of courage and hope became a shadowy dirge of despair, luring those seeking to lay claim to her power.

Fighting Naaru is something new for the forces of Azeroth, and this latest dungeon is set to be quite the challenge if we remember the Cathedral of Eternal Night, the dungeon which arrived on the Broken Shore. That was quite a task at first, but became a lot easier as we got stronger. Getting stronger is what was needed to push back the Legion forces, and that’s why we’ve been given our artifact weapons which will now receive even more customization:

Harness the power of Argus to activate the Netherlight Crucible aboard the Vindicaar, allowing you to augment your Artifact Relics. The Crucible can be used to strengthen and customize Relics, increasing their raw power and allowing players to choose from a set of additional powers, including a second Artifact Trait to improve.

Patch 7.3 is shaping up to a great finale to one of the better expansions from World of Warcraft. It’s actually unclear whether this will be the final raid, but we’ve now chased Sargeras to Argus and are more than likely ready to put a stop to all-evil being in the World of WarCraft. Whether we will face him, is unclear, but we’re getting close.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2017

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