Gaming genres divide genders

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I think we’ve all come to accept that men and women play games. We can debate where these games are played (platform) and what kind of games women like, but now there is research to inform those discussions. The findings probably follow what you expect, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

The awesome people of Super Data haven’t yet sent me my copy of the research, but Joystiq is reporting that women make up the majority of the mobile market (57.8%), RPG market (53.6%) and PC market (50.2%). Meanwhile, men account for the majority of MMO players (66%), FPS players (66%) and digital console players (63%).

This is in line with research released by the ESA earlier this year that showed that 52% of gamers were male and that PC game popularity was divided between strategy and casual games. It’s great to know that gamers of all genders are playing games, but also to see the variety of games played. Can we please get rid of the stereotype that women don’t play real games? According to these stats, it’s more likely for the “girl gamer” you know to have completed Skyrim than the “boy gamer” who is always raving about games.

I’m curious about the digital console player segment, though. Does this mean that women are less likely to make use of digital downloads than men? Perhaps women prefer the physical copies, or maybe men just aren’t out in retail locations as often as women? It seems odd that purchasing could vary so much between men and women – now that’s some research I’d like to see more of.

Do these statistics reflect your gaming patterns, or do they seem strange to you?

Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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