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GDC 2015 will have new eSports and Community summits

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I’m rather fond of some eSports. While the professionals involved might not be good at kicking a ball and performing Oscar-worthy dives, they are talented in many other ways. I’m convinced that being a superhero is a mandatory requirement for playing professional StarCraft II, and reflexes and reaction times of a mutant cat are needed for games like Dota 2 or League of Legends. Some may not consider those to be sports, but others see it is a platform filled with potential.

The Game Developers Conference will be hosting a brand new eSports Summit (via Games Industry)

New to GDC in 2015, the eSports Summit will be a one day summit focused on all things eSports. We strive to bring together the most influential people in eSports to share their knowledge and expertise; from players to game developers, event organizers, casters, journalists, and streamers. Session content will share best practices for how to design, grow, develop, sustain and communicate within the competitive games industry.

I think that is brilliant. You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that eSport is here to stay. I know I must sound like an old record player, but The International saw a prize pool of over $10 million dollars, most of which was funded by the community itself. eSport is only going to get bigger each year, and I think the GDC will help iron out any issues as well as give the tools to those who have no idea how to go about getting involved or organising their own events.

New to GDC will also be a Community Management Summit which will focus on the following:

How to inspire, build and maintain user loyalty and enthusiasm through the ups and downs of community opinion and adoption. It will discuss how to manage your community’s needs and interests to align with your company’s goals

What will often make or break a game is the community involvement, so I feel this is another important topic to add to GDC. That TI4 $10 million prize pool didn’t fall from the sky, Valve knew exactly how to utilise the power of their community, as well as making them happy at the same time.

If you do wish to propose a talk for any of the summits, you can do so right here (you have until October the 3rd, 11:59pm PDT). The Game Developers Conference will kick off next year between the 2nd and 6th of March.

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Last Updated: September 9, 2014

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