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GDC: Debut Postal III Trailer

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Running With Scissors – the developers of Postal II are hard at work once again to create a game so controversial, so violent and so sick that it’s sure to make even the most desensitized gamers cringe.

I have to admit that when I played Postal II on PC a couple of years back, I did actually have a lot of fun, and who could ever forget the cat modification for your assault rifle. Rough, I tell you.

This debut trailer shows off some early gameplay footage of Postal III and to be honest, if they keep a similar format to the previous game, it may actually be a lot of fun. If there is one reason to watch this video, it definitely has to be the new weapon that looks to be an angry badger-thingy on a harness being used as some sort of biological chainsaw.

Postal III will be releasing on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Last Updated: March 26, 2009

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